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Home Invasion

  • : 11/01/2012 |
  • : 21:34 min |
  • : 14149
Starring: A.J., Matt Rush
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AJ is looking for an apartment, and though he is pretty impressed with the amenities of the apartment Matt Rush is showing him, he's much more interested getting inside Matt's pants. Matt of course, would like to rent the apartment ASAP, and doesn't mind sweetening the deal if it will help the sale. AJ asks a question about the gym and Matt seizes the opportunity, removing his shirt and showing his massively ripped frame. Clearly impressed, AJ asks to see more, which Matt obliges, and in almost no time, both of them are naked and Matt has his dick in AJ's mouth. As Matt grows on his lips, AJ runs his hands up Matt's rippling muscles before Matt turns him around and bends him over. Crouching down on his knees, Matt eats AJ's ass and moistens it up, before AJ begs him to fuck him. Obliging, Matt plunges his cock deep into AJ and pumps him against a kitchen counter. AJ jacks his dick as Matt pounds away, then Matt pulls out and cums all over AJ's face. Wiping the cum off his cheek, AJ tells Matt to take the apartment off the market to cum by anytime.